Design that you desire

The future of wood stoves bears the title Flamingo DELUXE. Wood stoves are now a common part of many households and are an exceptional indoor accessory. Modern times demand new and technologically interesting products, where design also plays a major role. We have created a timeless wood stove that is modern, highly efficient and has a design that you will not find anywhere else. 

The combustion system is unique in the way it listens to you. Its flame intensity control system is thought out to the last detail, meaning that you can dampen the stove within a few short moments or ramp it up just as fast. When in the dampened mode, you will watch flames dancing, flickering before your eyes only. The fundamental principle upon which the Flamingo DELUXE is based is the combustion of gaseous particles, which create a truly unique atmosphere of which you will be a part. 

The great emphasis placed on design is clearly evident at first glance. We worked together with the best designers to bring the DELUXE model line of Flamingo wood stoves to life. The selection of colours, design variations, and luxurious blackened glass will only confirm these stoves as a clear choice.

Attractive flames that dance to your tune

The Flamingo DELUXE combustion system is an embodiment of perfection. Air supply is provided centrally from the rear part of the wood stove. Ash creation is minimal. The entire combustion process is controlled using two draw bars, where the first regulates the primary air intake that is necessary for lighting up and getting the wood burning strongly. The second draw bar helps support secondary combustion, i.e. combustion of gases. Opening it up, directs preheated tertiary air into the upper part of the firebox by means of the top deflector plate. This air is used to achieve the most economical and efficient form of wood combustion possible. This delivers high efficiency and beautiful flames and a clean glass. Correct chimney draught is required to ensure proper combustion. This is achieved by placing a regulator on the flue pipe or by using a chimney damper.

Flamingo DELUXE wood stoves meet the strictest European CE norms (EN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, 15a B-VG, DINplus, Flamme Verte)

Simple installation on the wall using brackets

We have not only built a free-standing wood stove but also a wall-mounted version. The Malia wood stove is designed for such an installation.


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